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Purchasing access for groups will reduce your costs. The more credits are purchased at one time, the greater the discount.

Email us and tell us which products (courses, full reports, etc.) you plan to purchase. Our discount structure on products are as follows: 20-50 products are 20% off, 50-100 are 40% off, 100-200 are 50%, 200-500 are 60% and 500+ are 70% off the standard price.
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50% to Fund Your Cause!

Signing up for our affiliate program is free. First, create an account and email us that you would like to be an affiliate.

  • Pastor Matt's Enneagram Conference Pays for Itself

    Matt's church pays for his training. He then registers his church as an affiliate. They're completely paid back when 50 people attend his Enneagram conference.

  • Jasmin Blogs for Orpahns

    Jasmin asks her favorite children's home to sign up as an affiliate. She puts a link to the Gospel Enneagram on her blog. Half of the money from those referrals is donated to care for orphans.

  • Carmen gets Paid for Saving Her Clients Money

    Carmen is a counselor and an affiliate. She saves her clients money by having them take an Enneagram course between appointments. Still, she receives half of the revenue.

Coaching & Speaking

John Fooshee is ready to help you maximize your leadership and grow your organization. He provides coaching, consulting, leadership retreats or conferences.

John Fooshee

John Fooshee

President of Gospel Enneagram

John was a pastor for twenty years and started two churches and two businesses. He was first introduced to the Enneagram in a season of personal burnout in 2005. As he preached the Bible each week over the next decade, he saw how the work of Jesus uniquely addresses all of our deepest needs, satisfies our longings, uproots lies and empowers each Enneagram style (or type). Out of these experiences, he co-founded our Gospel Enneagram with Elaine Webb in 2017. The majority of the time John is a leadership coach with People Launching, where he helps leaders build their character and leadership to launch redemptive causes! He has coached over 350 people into their personal calling and consulted over 200 organizations. He received his coach training from CoachNet in 2008 and has biblical studies degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and King University. He has served in the Acts 29 Network since 2006 as a pastor, trainer of church planting coaches and coached church planters in three countries. He has been married to Lindsay for twenty-five years, has four kids and one daughter-in-law. He resides in Raleigh, NC.